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The Legacy Lives On.

January 24, 2017

January has come. . . and almsot gone! Boy is time flying, and with it, all the parts and pieces helping us to move forward with the production of Spectrum and Uroboros Glass products. Earlier this month we had the pleasure of working with Spectrum's VP of Glass Technology Brandon Byhre and President Kyle Barker leading the conversation on color definition. With an extensive color palette and vast product offering, many questions are still being answered, but we promised communication and this is the beginning of it! Here's what you can expect moving forward:

Everyone at Oceanside Glasstile is again, incredibly humbled by the decision, and overwhelmed with excitement to pick up the torch and continue the production of his beloved products. OGT understands the incredible responsibility that comes with manufacturing these beautiful art glass materials, and everyone feels so honored to be working side-by-side Eric Lovell and some of his team members.

  • February - Definition of sheet glass colors moving forward.
  • March - Better defined timeline of product to market.
  • April - News of first product coming off the lehr.
  • Summer - Shipments being delivered to the first of many distributors.

Meet the Team - Brandon Byhre from Oceanside Glasstile on Vimeo.

For more information contact:

Business Inquiries: Vincent Moiso

Marketing Inquiries: Stephanie Duerden