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The Legacy Lives On.

January 10, 2017

At the end of 2016 Oceanside Glasstile had the distinct pleasure of announcing their newest endeavor - purchasing the formulas, equipment and technical know-how of Uroboros Glass Co. Eric Lovell, Founder and President had an incredible decision to make as he found himself winding down his career in the art glass inudstry. Ultimately he deemed Oceanside Glasstile, not only a viable candidate, but the most worthy candidate to carry on the legacy of his art glass products.

Everyone at Oceanside Glasstile is again, incredibly humbled by the decision, and overwhelmed with excitement to pick up the torch and continue the production of his beloved products. OGT understands the incredible responsibility that comes with manufacturing these beautiful art glass materials, and everyone feels so honored to be working side-by-side Eric Lovell and some of his team members.

Check out below to see more of the progress happening at the Oceanside Glasstile Art Glass Facility. Walls are about to be demolished, space is being made and the new equipment is being welcomed by the loving OGT staff.

Eric Lovell, Owner and Founder of Uroboros Glass Studio from Oceanside Glasstile on Vimeo.

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