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Press Release Announcing Oceanside Glasstile Acquisition of Spectrum Assets

September 22, 2016

Flip-flops and hiking boots working side by side: world renown, Southern California based luxury glass tile manufacturer, Oceanside Glasstile, acquires assets from Spectrum Glass, a Northwest art glass leader.

It´s like that tingly feeling in your toes after finishing a race, like the fire on your breath when you reach the top of a mountain, like spaghetti noodle arms after hours of paddling for perfect waves; there is nothing quite like the feeling of working hard to accomplish something great, something that resonates with the core of who you are. Today, Oceanside Glasstile celebrates this feeling of accomplishment by announcing its acquisition of Spectrum Glass equipment, formulas and IP.

In 1992 when four California surfers gathered in a small house to take the leap into creating Oceanside Glasstile, the love for art glass, the environment and the community hone through every product, transaction and business decision. Today, on the eve of its 25th anniversary, the company with humble beginnings has maintained its values to serve over 50,000 artists, designers, architects, builders and homeowners throughout the world. Each year Oceanside Glasstile innovates to bring new, creative materials for artists, designers and builders. Acquiring Spectrum Glass assets allows Oceanside Glasstile to dive deep into dynamic production methods to expand its existing collection of beautiful, durable and versatile glass products.

Oceanside Glasstile has been a customer of Spectrum Glass for over twenty years, leveraging Spectrum´s art glass to produce the Devotion collection. This ongoing relationship between Spectrum Glass and Oceanside Glasstile made the acquisition decision a rewarding experience for both companies. Together, they will work to unite the legacy of Spectrum Glass with Oceanside Glasstile´s global network to provide existing Spectrum customers the same standard of product excellence and customer service that has existed within the Spectrum family for over 40 years.

Production of the Spectrum Glass and System 96 brand products in Oceanside Glasstile´s custom built facility in Tijuana, Mexico will commence in early 2017 and will use the same production techniques and bag-house emission control practices that Spectrum has used for over 20 years.

Oceanside Glasstile´s team of flip-flop wearing, lunch-time surfing, beach designers welcomes the northwest hiking boot toting, nugget loving, premium coffee drinking Spectrum Glass spirit and is excited to stand alongside artists, designers and builders as we enjoy the view of what we can create together.

Explore our existing Art Glass collection, Devotion, here.

Oceanside Glasstile will carry on Spectrum's legacy as the new producer of art glass and System 96 glass.