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Welcome Video from Sean

September 23, 2016

Oceanside Glasstile CEO Welcomes Spectrum Customers

We are excited to welcome the glass artist community to Oceanside Glasstile! On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, Oceanside Glasstile finalized the asset acquisition of Spectrum Glass equipment, formulas and IP. Oceanside Glasstile´s team of flip-flop wearing, lunch-time surfing, beach designers welcomes the northwest hiking boot toting, nugget loving, premium coffee drinking Spectrum Glass spirit and is excited to stand alongside artists, designers and builders as we enjoy the view of what we can create together.

The work of a glass artist is intricate and beautiful. It requires deep knowledge and patience. We are looking forward to learning about what is most important to the glass artist community as we continue to create the same high quality product that Spectrum has manufactured for over 40 years. Please watch this video to hear a personal message from Oceanside Glasstile CEO, Sean Gildea and join us on social media to learn a little more about who we are. Here are links to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz and Pinterest pages.